We are proud to present the story about the Republic of Srpska. The Republic of Srpska is located within Bosnia and Herzegovina, and as an entity it has achieved many goals, developed its potentials and has become a place of hospitality and pride of its citizens. The constant desire for improvements is reflected in the effort to be more connected with many world destinations.

Every city in the Republic of Srpska has its own story, which certainly has the potential of constant development and the need for visitors to learn about their history and sights. The largest of them is Banja Luka city, which is an administrative centre, but also a city that welcomes tourists from all over the world and makes them excited.

After signing the Dayton Agreement in 1998, the company “Airports of the Republic of Srpska a.d.” started operations on an international level with the clear aim of making the Republic of Srpska an important place for tourism development.

The largest airport is located in Mahovljani, near Banja Luka, and it proudly presents its remarkable cooperation with one of the most successful low-cost airlines in the world “Ryanair”. This cooperation has enabled Banja Luka Airport to get a well-deserved place on the map among international airports. By signing this cooperation, a network of flights from Brussels, Berlin, Memmingen and Stockholm was realised.

No less significant is the cooperation with the airline “AirSerbia”, which enabled a short flight Banja Luka- Belgrade.

In the period from June to September, in cooperation with charter operators, we have enabled the possibility of flights to Greece and Turkey.

We are surrounded by the airports in Belgrade, Sarajevo and Zagreb, and we also have good infrastructure connections between the airport and highways, thus when it comes to services we constantly want to improve, we are no less important link. Our advantage is convenience, quality service and the fact that we are oriented towards low-cost airlines. Also, within the area of hundred kilometres,
we have cities that are eager for tourists, but also citizens who are willing to travel. A large number of our people live in European countries, who often come to their home country, the Republic of Srpska.

Sumirajući utiske o poslovanju preduzeća, zahvalni smo našim partnerima na uspješnoj saradnji, konstantnom porastu putnika vazdušnim saobraćajem, a ponosni na konstantan rast broja letova. Naši ciljevi su da ovim tempom nastavimo da našim poslovanjem gradimo vazdušne neraskidive mostove prijateljstva i uspješnih saradnji.

Summarizing the impressions of the company business, we are grateful to our partners for successful cooperation, the constant increase in air traffic passengers, and we are proud of the constant increase in the number of flights. Our goals are to continue with this tempo to build unbreakable air bridges of friendship and successful cooperation in our business.

Organizational structure of the company Airports of the Republic of Srpska A.D consists of Management and Supervisory Board.

Board of Directors consists of:

  • Managing Director;
  • Three executive directors.

The Supervisory Board of the Airports of the Republic of Srpska A.D. consists of the president of the Board and its members.



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