Check-in counter is opened 120 minutes before the plane takes off. After check-in for the flight, you will receive a boarding pass with which you go to the gate. For your safety, boarding passes are checked before boarding.

Every passenger who boards the plane is obliged to have a boarding ticket to enter the plane and an ID document for identification, regardless of age.

The allowable weight of baggage carried free of charge or with charge varies depending on the airline, destination and transport class. For further information, please contact the selected airline company.

A passenger can bring items whose individual volume does not exceed 100 ml, and which, together with all other liquid items from the passenger’s hand luggage, do not exceed the total allowed quantity, which is placed in a suitable plastic bag with capacity of up to 1 liter.

Items must be placed in special transparent bags containing an opening-closing groove (zipped bags) and a maximum bag capacity of up to one liter (1 l) per passenger.

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