The current global epidemiological situation has resulted in the cancellation of a large number of flights, which had a negative impact on air traffic. Accordingly, the companies operating at Banja Luka Airport, Wizz Air and Ryanair, suspended a number of flights in January and February of the current year.

The announced reduced number of flights and passengers opens the possibility for reparation of the runway in the right time. The reparation implies to elimination of deficiencies so that the airport would be operational in accordance with all aviation requirements and rules. Accordingly, Banja Luka airport will be closed for air traffic up to 30 days, starting from January 15, 2022.

We will also use this time while the airport is closed for traffic to make some restructuring and to prepare us for the next flying season in order to keep the service provided by Banja Luka Airport at the highest level. An increase in the number of destinations during the year is certainly planned, and increase in the number of operations towards existing destinations is also expected.

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