Traveling during COVID brought various challenges aimed at protection of spreading current virus. It is certainly more complicated to travel globally due to the requirements of the competent institutions of the countries to which passengers plan to travel, as well as due to the requirements of selected airlines in terms of possible requests for tests or certificates of vaccination or virus.

We would like to inform our passengers that the Covid testing service is available at the Airport premises. It will be performed by the Health Institution "Health Express" Banja Luka, using the method of antigen testing at a price of 37,00 BAM, and results can be obtained within 10-15 minutes. Serological testing at the price of 40,00 BAM is also planned.

We hope that this decision will make travel-related procedures easier for our passengers. All information related to the COVID requirements of airlines or competent institutions of the countries of
destination can be obtained by our passengers on the following number of Banja Luka Airport + 387 51 535 225.

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